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Carlsberg City District is the place where you stumble upon something new and unexpected. The unique blend of raw, historic industrial buildings and modern architectural gems create the setting for exceptional customer experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.
This is an invitation for a tour around Carlsberg City District – a special place with a unique history, in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, you will find shops that you haven’t seen before, and gastronomy that keeps you coming back for more.
Fuelled by innovation, creativity and passion, our new retail concepts will explore and challenge the traditional customer experience. In Carlsberg City District art, culture, commerce and city life merge into one immersive experience.
The district will have a clear international orientation, but it will also have its own unique position in culture and heritage. A rich environment for the arts will unite with cultural and age diversity as well as vibrant commerce to create an attractive and safe district. 

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Want to know more? Are you a retailer or chef looking for new and exciting opportunities? We've gathered what you need to know about Carlsberg City District right here. 

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Go back or forth in time - We've made a video showing the development in the area. The first brick was laid in 2013, and by 2024, the entire area will be complete with 3.100 new homes, shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, offices and schools. 

The timeline, please

What is what? Pour yourself a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes clicking through the interactive map from home.

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