Urban spaces in the Carlsberg City District

The city district is home to no less than 25 urban spaces and gardens, which residents and visitors can enjoy when they move around the area. The urban spaces are not created by chance, but carefully planned to give you the best experience. Here is a selection.

J.C. Jacobsen's Garden –

Some say that J.C. Jacobsen's Garden reminds them of Central Park in New York because nature merges with the big city. Whether they are correct is for you to judge, but the garden is a green oasis in the new city district with tall treetops and hidden nooks, where you can take a green break and breathe for a while in the middle of the city.

Østen for Humlen ("East of the Hops") –

The green, cosy urban space in the sweet spot between the historic terraced houses in Humleby and Krøyer House offers both a pitch for ball games, a playground for the youngest children and space to relax on the grass.

Kildepladsen ("The Spring Square") –

The Kildepladsen square will be an urban and green space in the middle of the Carlsberg City District between historic and new buildings with lots of life.

Fadet ("The Cask") –

In Fadet, the city and nature meet. The space will be surrounded by cafés and restaurants and is located next to historic J.C. Jacobsen's Garden.
Fadet Byrum Pasteurs Tårn

Franciska Clausens Plads Square –

Up Maskincentralen's sun-drenched brick facade, stairs and little areas are being built where you can sit and enjoy the square, named after Danish artist Franciska Clausen. The square is located right between the listed buildings Maskincentralen and Kedelhallen, which was a hub for all power sources for the brewery, gathered in one place.

Bryggernes Plads ("Brewers' Square") –

The Bryggernes Plads square is surrounded by old and new buildings and will be one of the city districts’ most central squares with cafés, hotels and shops next to the cobbled square with beautiful dynamic shapes, cobblestones and a sculptural fountain.

Thorvald Bindesbølls Plads Square –

In the middle of the Thorvald Bindesbølls Plads square is the old listed building, Halmlageret ("The Straw Store"), which will be the focal point for a lively urban space with a focus on culture, sports and leisure activities.

Vesten for Humlen ("West of the Hops") –

Between Scherfig House, Købke House and the historic terraced houses in Humleby, a green park runs along the homes and connects the new and old buildings in a wonderful way. This stretch of park is called Vesten for Humlen, and here you can follow nature and the change of seasons right outside your windows, even in the middle of a big city.

Købkes Plads Square –

At Købkes Plads, there will be a diverse city life where you can have a cup of coffee at one of the cafés in the sun while the children run around the square. The shape of the square is reminiscent of an outdoor amphitheatre, which invites events that can take place at the centre of the "arena".

Behind the Elephants –

The area behind the iconic Elephant Gate on Ny Carlsberg Vej hides a small oasis with space for contemplation or a cosy walk with a view of the old buildings and industrial remnants, or you can visit one of the cafés that will be established next to the square.
It is a great gift to be allowed to develop a completely new city district. To combine the historic buildings with new constructions of a high architectural quality and join it all through open spaces and green breathing spaces.
Jens Nyhus, CEO of the Carlsberg City District

Ottilia Jacobsens Plads Square –

Ottilia Jacobsens Plads square will be a fantastic urban space with a passage from Paula's Passage to the Bryggernes Plads square. The homes in Theodora House have a view over the intimate square, while the street level will house a café and restaurants with outdoor seating on the square.

Kamma's Garden –

In the northern part of the Carlsberg City District, on the border of Frederiksberg and the beautiful Bakkehuset, is the old golden age garden, Kammas Have. We have made it green again so you can enjoy the quiet surroundings.
Mennesker på Tapperitorvet

The lively Tapperitorvet square –

Traffic, energy, pulse and lots of people characterise Tapperitorvet square, which connects Vesterbro and Valby via the super bike path and the rest of Greater Copenhagen via Carlsberg Station. If you drop by on a sunny day, you will see young people enjoying the sun and a chat on the edge of the green plateaus in the middle of the square.

Humletorvet Square –

Like a small, cosy pocket, next to the busy Tapperitorv we find Humletorvet, where you can visit exciting shops and delicious eateries. Under three large "toadstools", people find shelter from the rain, and on the roof of the toadstools, green plants can be seen when moving around the square.
Byliv i Carlsberg Byen

Kedelpladsen ("The Boiling Square") –

Kedelpladsen ("The Boiling Square") will be essential for the experience of the new district with a location on the corner of Bohrsgade and Lagergade. Several shops and restaurants will open at Kedelpladsen, and they will all be an integrated part of the intimate and buzzing square.

Don't forget the local area –

The Carlsberg City District contains a lot of experiences for the whole family, but remember that you are in the middle of one of the best cities in the world. The experiences queue up in the local area, and in Frederiksberg, Vesterbro and Valby you will find a lot of good experiences. Get out there, have a look for yourself. This is more Copenhagen for Copenhagen. See a selection experiences in the local area (in Danish)
udsigt over carlsberg byen