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About the Carlsberg City District

Right between Frederiksberg, Valby and Vesterbro you will find Copenhagen's new city district: The Carlsberg City District. Here shops, green parks, cycle paths, historic architecture, narrow streets, playgrounds, S-train station, urban and cultural life, all make the Carlsberg City District.
The Carlsberg City District is a vibrant neighborhood on a historical ground in the middle of Copenhagen where people live, work, hang out, cycle through, do their shopping, have a coffee, go to school and take a walk. Here, shops are next to offices, and housing is next to educational and day care institutions. Everybody can enjoy and benefit from the many green areas in the Carlsberg City District, cultural activities and playgrounds that are right outside the door.

The two brewers, father and son, may not have shared world views. But they shared a love for Copenhagen, and never failed to give back to the city they loved.

They gave us respect for good construction, curiosity for the sciences and openness to culture and cultures. This is the foundation on which the Carlsberg City District continues to build. To give back to Copenhagen. To give Copenhagen even more of the Copenhagen we are in love with.

Thousands of people is given the opportunity to stay in or move to Copenhagen and use, cultivate, reinvent and look after the city. We give them a new home in an oasis between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg, send them out to work in the morning, and we welcome 10,000 students who every day come out into the city more skillfully. We have our own shops, eateries, parks, cultural life, lamps, S-train and urban spaces, all of which make the Carlsberg City District our neighbourhood,

The Carlsberg City District is not a project, an area, a building or a vision. It is a place where you live, get off, hang out, shop, go for a walk, relax, work and get better. And it is neither square meters nor purchasing power that unites us.

It is the joy of giving and getting back from the city.

The history of Carlsberg and the old brewery site –

After 160 years as a closed industrial site, a new Copenhagen district is being built on the very areas where brewery horses and beer carts roamed around the streets in their time. The history, buildings and cultural heritage from the brewery’s past are essential parts of what makes the neighbourhood so special. I want to know more

The World's Best Master Plan –

In 2009, architecture firm Entasis won the award for the World's Best Master Plan, which has formed the basis for the development of the Carlsberg City District. I want to know more
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Urban spaces in the Carlsberg City District –

The city district is home to no less than 25 urban spaces and gardens, which residents and visitors can enjoy when they move around the area. The urban spaces are not created by chance, but carefully planned to give you the best experience. Here is a selection. I want to know more

Try the interactive map of the Carlsberg City District –

On the interactive map, you get an overview of the Carlsberg City District. By clicking around on the map, you can read about each individual property, business premises and urban space in the new city district – those that have already been completed and those that are underway. I want to know more

Schools and education in the Carlsberg City District –

In addition to the many schools and educational institutions in close proximity to the Carlsberg City District, you will also find several educational offerings within the Carlsberg City District. University College Copenhagen attracts approx. 10,000 students, and in 2018 the European School opened for approx. 900 students. There are also several daycare institutions for the youngest children in the Carlsberg City District. I want to know more

Parking in the Carlsberg City District –

If you live, work or visit the Carlsberg City District, you can park your car in one of the many car parks in the Carlsberg City District. See locations and read about prices and terms on this page. I want to know more
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Guide: A day in the Carlsberg City District –

What to eat, drink and experience: Are you visiting Copenhagen and looking to spend a day on the historic brewery site transformed to a modern neighbourhood, this is your guide. Take me to the best day ever