Schools and education in the Carlsberg City District

In addition to the many schools and educational institutions in close proximity to the Carlsberg City District, you will also find several educational offerings within the Carlsberg City District. University College Copenhagen attracts approx. 10,000 students, and in 2018 the European School opened for approx. 900 students. There are also several daycare institutions for the youngest children in the Carlsberg City District.

The European School within the Carlsberg City District –

Copenhagen Municipality assesses and decides on the location of primary and lower secondary schools in the municipality, while the Carlsberg City District, as the developer, has been responsible for the construction of the European School. The school has classes at the primary school level, and in 2020, the first secondary school students were admitted to the school. Visit their website

University College Copenhagen –

Here, approximately 10,000 students are studying to become teachers, nursery nurses or complete one of the other programmes offered by University College Copenhagen. With a unified campus in the Carlsberg City District, in addition to modern teaching facilities, the students have also been given a study environment that invites a strong academic and social community. Visit their website
Byliv i Carlsberg Byen

Vesterbro Ny Skole (School) –

Vesterbro Ny Skole on Slesvigsgade is one of two district schools for the youngest residents in the Carlsberg City District. Here, the children in the new city district are guaranteed a place at the school, which focuses on academic strength, student well-being and cohesion. Visit their website

Bavnehøj School –

Bavnehøj School on Natalie Zahlesvej is one of two district schools for the youngest residents of the Carlsberg City District. Bavnehøj School focuses on versatile and academically challenging schooling with well-being, movement and creativity at its core. Visit their website

Frequently asked questions

Is there a primary school in the Carlsberg City District?
Yes, the European School on Ny Carlsberg Vej.

Which primary schools are close to the Carlsberg City District?
If you are a resident of the Carlsberg City District, there are two district schools: Bavnehøj School and Vesterbro Ny Skole.

Are there daycare centres in the Carlsberg City District?
Yes, and more are expected to come as the city district develops.

Are there playgrounds in the Carlsberg City District?
Yes, there are already several finished playgrounds in Copenhagen's new city district.

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