Hart Bakery

The world-famous Hart Bakery has opened its doors on the old brewery grounds. 
The super popular Hart Bakery has opened its doors at Franciska Clausens Plads at the bottom of the listed, iconic Kedelhallen.

Hart Bakery has outdoor seating in the sunny square, and the doors open with the smell of fresh coffee and baked goods every day at 8 am.


Franciska Clausens Plads 29
1799 København V

Restaurant and café for rent -

A unique historical setting, new architecture and ambitious operators are the ingredients to satisfy curious mouths. The Carlsberg City District is located as a new city district on the areas that once housed the largest brewery in Danish history, and now it is on its way to becoming a food destination in Copenhagen that is out of the ordinary. I want to know more

The World's Best Master Plan –

In 2009, architecture firm Entasis won the award for the World's Best Master Plan, which has formed the basis for the development of the Carlsberg City District. I want to know more