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Try the interactive map of the Carlsberg City District

On the interactive map below, you get an overview of the Carlsberg City District. By clicking around on the map, you can read about each individual property, business premises and urban space in the new city district – those that have already been completed and those that are underway. Choose between homes, businesses and institutions or urban spaces and gardens in the menu below the map.

Questions and answers about the Carlsberg City District

Q: Where is the Carlsberg City District?
A: In the sweet spot between Frederiksberg, Vesterbro, and Valby, Copenhagen's new district is sprouting. With i.a. the green area of Søndermarken and the historic Humleby area as the nearest neighbours, as well as the buildings that are listed and deemed worthy of preservation in the area, you really notice that the Carlsberg City District is a very special place in Copenhagen.

Q: Where is J.C. Jacobsen's Garden?
A: J. C. Jacobsen's Garden is located in the southern part of the Carlsberg City District, just a stone's throw from Carlsberg Station.

Q: When will Carl's Garden open?
A: Carl's Garden is expected to open during 2023.

Q: Where can I find playgrounds in the Carlsberg City District?
A: There are several playgrounds on the old brewery site, and more are being added on an ongoing basis. Among other things, you will find a pitch for ball games in Østen for Humlen and a large playground at the European School, which may be used outside the school's opening hours.

Q: How many urban spaces are there in the Carlsberg City District?
A: The district will accommodate as many as 25 urban spaces when completed, and many of them are already in use. You can read more about the carefully planned urban spaces here.

Q: How many towers are there in the Carlsberg City District?
A: There will be a total of nine towers in the Carlsberg City District. Several of them have already been completed, while three are underway.

Q: How tall are the Carlsberg City District towers?
A: Copenhagen's tallest residential property will be Pasteur's Tower, standing at 120 metres, while Grønlund's Tower and Tuxen's Tower are 50 metres high. Vogelius' Tower and Dahlerup's Tower are both 80 metres high, while Bohr's Tower protrudes 100 metres above Copenhagen. The last three towers in the Carlsberg City District, are Beckmann's Tower, Carl's Tower and Høffding's Tower. The first two will be 80 metres high, while Høffding's Tårn will be 100 metres high.

Q: Where is Carl's Tower? 
A: Carl's Tower is located on the corner of J.C. Jacobsens Gade and Olivia Hansens Gade, right between J.C. Jacobsen's Garden and Carl's Garden. Just a stone's throw from the tower, you will find the Bryggernes Plads square and the beautiful Hotel Ottilia.

Q: Where is Carlsberg Station?
A: Carlsberg Station is located on the corner of Vesterfælledvej and Vigerslev Allé in the southeastern part of the Carlsberg City District.

Q: Where is Emil Christian Hansen House?
A: The beautiful Emil Christian Hansen House is located on the corner of Ny Carlsberg Vej and Vesterfælledvej. The building houses the IT company Visma and approximately 900 employees.

Q: Where is the Bryggernes Plads square?
A: Bryggernes Plads is the largest square in the Carlsberg City District, located in the centre of the neighbourhood surrounded by Lagerkælder 3, which is known for its gold discs on the facade, and Gærkælderen, whose bell tower still protrudes.

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Parking in the Carlsberg City District –

If you live, work or visit the Carlsberg City District, you can park your car in one of the many car parks in the Carlsberg City District. See locations and read about prices and terms on this page. I want to know more

The World's Best Master Plan –

In 2009, architecture firm Entasis won the award for the World's Best Master Plan, which has formed the basis for the development of the Carlsberg City District. I want to know more