Home of Carlsberg

Visit Carlsberg has opened under a new name: Home of Carlsberg, offering a new and larger exhibition, a historic and protected area with a new restaurant and bar, guided tours in the old cellars, and much more. Photo: Daniel Rasmussen


Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11
1799 København V

"When Past, Present, and Future Unite -

Carlsberg was founded in 1847 by the visionary brewer J.C. Jacobsen, thereby laying the foundation for a modern Danish brewing company. But there is much more history to uncover. Here, you can get a grip on the key facts about the brewery, which in many ways has shaped the foundation upon which Copenhagen's new urban district is built. Feel the whisper of history

The World's Best Master Plan –

In 2009, architecture firm Entasis won the award for the World's Best Master Plan, which has formed the basis for the development of the Carlsberg City District. I want to know more