A day in Carlsberg City District

Are you visiting Copenhagen and looking to spend a day on the historic brewery site transformed to a modern neighbourhood, this is your guide.
Whether you are a family with small children, tourists curious about the history behind the world's biggest brewery adventure or simply looking for Copenhagen's best eateries and hidden architectural gems, there are good opportunities to spend a day in the Carlsberg City District.

Below we have gathered some suggestions for how you can spend a day in the famous historic brewery, transformed modern and vibrant neighborhood.

Breakfast -

Start the day at the popular breakfast restaurant Cadence, where fermented delights have a very special focus in the delicious dishes. In the adjacent bakery, you can pick up fresh baked goods such as crispy croissants and sourdough bread, while the coffee is from the popular Coffee Collective. More about Cadence

Picnic in a historic garden -

Bring a picnic to the historic J.C. Jacobsens Garden. Here you can take a break, enjoy lunch in the green, read a book, stroll, let the children play or have a chat with the brewer's horses in the outdoor stables. Read more about the green areas

Lunch -

Aamanns has received great recognition for their modernization of the Danish smørrebrød, and two of their restaurants are Michelin recommended in the Nordic countries in 2021. Enjoy at Aamanns Genbo at Kildepladsen in the Carlsberg City District! Read more about Aamanns Genbo

Explore the historic neighborhood -

After 160 years as a closed industrial site, a new Copenhagen neighborhood is being built on the same land where brewer's horses and beer wagons drove around the streets in its time. The history, the buildings and the cultural heritage from the past as a brewery are a significant part of what makes the neighborhood very special. Talk a walk and explore the mix of new and old architecture. Learn more about the history

Afternoon spa -

Spend your afternoon at the world-renowned wellness oasis Aire Ancient Baths which is an experience in an international class. The thermal baths contain a number of different spa experiences in completely rustic and unique settings in the basement under the listed building, Maltmagasinet.  Read more about Aire Ancient Baths in Carlsberg Byen

Dinner -

Kōnā means corner in Japanese and at Bag Elefanterne the restaurant has created a corner in the Carlsberg City District where several years of noodle geekery and a mix of Japanese and Nordic flavors can be enjoyed by food-loving guests. 
Omakase izakaya Kona restaurant

Rooftoop cocktails -

Outside as well as inside, guests can enjoy the sumptuous view, delicious Italian cuisine and cocktails at the bar. Towards the evening, the roof terrace develops into a bar and lounge area, and the view of Copenhagen's sparkling lights certainly doesn't get any worse with a good cocktail in hand. Read more about Tramonto Rooftop

Hotel Ottilia - 

The neighborhood's unique boutique hotel is a delight for the entire area and not just for overnight guests. The hotel has been awarded several times and is a must stay when visiting Copenhagen. Read more about Hotel Ottilia