Restaurantfacade i stueetagen af Winge Hus ved Kildepladsen

Offices for lease in the Carlsberg City District

In recent years, many companies have already moved into offices on the old brewery site. If your company has outgrown its current framework, we have gathered a number of leasehold properties that are ready to move into either now or in future.

Caroline House -

Several companies have already moved into the new premises in Caroline House, where your company will have offices in the most charming location, surrounded by historic buildings, green areas, and two beautiful squares: Ottilia Jacobsens Plads and Bryggernes Plads. Read more (in Danish)

Forchhammer House -

The modern office spaces in Forchhammer House are located in the heart of everything: close to the S-train, metro, lively Kildepladsen, and the cozy J.C. Jacobsens Garden, which invites coffee breaks and informal meetings in the open air. Read more (in Danish)

Winge House -

The distinctive building, Winge House, is located in the eastern part of the district right next to Kildepladsen, one of the neighborhood's largest squares. The office spaces are accessed through the beautiful atrium with fantastic acoustics. Read more (in Danish)

Brandstrup House -

With its 12,000 square meters spanning from the 1st to the 5th floor, Brandstrup House is one of the largest office domiciles in the neighborhood. On top of the property you will find a large rooftop terrace, beneath the building a large parking garage, and right next to it the central Kedelpladsen square unfolds with several shops and restaurants. Read more (in Danish)

Vilhelm House

Along the historic Ny Carlsberg Road, the office spaces in Vilhelm House unfold. Here, the area's numerous offerings are just around the corner, while the accompanying courtyard is the city's largest - perfect for coffee breaks and informal meetings outdoors. Read more (in Danish)

Brygmester House -

At the top of Valby Bakke, the Carlsberg City District's smallest building with 3 floors is being built. On the 1st floor you will find office premises for lease with an address on prominent Gamle Carlsberg Vej, which also houses Visit Carlsberg, Carlsberg's new head office and the Carlsberg. Read more (in Danish)
Eksteriør af Brygmester hus med passerende mennesker
Kløcker Hus set ovenfra

Kløcker House -

Right in the middle between the Lime Tower and J.C. Jacobsen's Garden, offices are distributed over several floors. There are high ceilings, a wonderful amount of light and a parking garage beneath the building. Read more (in Danish)

Theodora House -

In the middle of the historic part of the Carlsberg City District lies Theodora House, which is a beautiful mixture of new and old, which merge together and give a completely new expression to the exterior and interior of the building. There is space here for the small business that wants a central.
Råt kontorlokale Theodora Hus Bryggernes Plads

Businesses with offices in the neighbourhood -

Many companies already have their addresses in the Carlsberg City District, and over the years even more will be added. We have gathered the companies with offices here so that it is easy for you to be updated. See them here

About the Carlsberg City District -

Right between Frederiksberg, Valby and Vesterbro you will find Copenhagen's new city district: The Carlsberg City District. Here shops, green parks, cycle paths, historic architecture, narrow streets, playgrounds, S-train station, urban and cultural life, all make the Carlsberg City District. I want to know more
elefantporten i carlsberg byen